DOLPHINITY is a way of life and a worldview with real meaning and real passion.

Not a Plan B, but Plan A – the one we are truly meant to fulfill.


The Festival provides moments, places, encounters, experiences, sensations and solutions that generate such mode of being






PRESENTATIONS. Products (films, books, music, artifacts), projects (travel, enterprise, research) in the field of science, art, and social practices.

EVENTS. Premieres, concerts, performances, exhibitions.

PRACTICE. Master classes, public lectures, open experiments

COMMUNITY. Meetings, discussions, recruit- ment of crews, collaborations.

THE ISLAND. Unhurried stroll between Mars and the Atlantis.

THE OCEAN. Whale and dolphin watching. Whales and dolphins watching humans.

THE DOLPHINIC HOUSE. Festival boutique, coordination centre, café for meetings, dolphinic parties.



OCEAN's 30

19 - 24 JUNE 2018

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